How It Works

We strongly believe in “Simplicity” which is one of our values. We have therefore simplified our Debt Management solutions to ensure that you have absolute peace of mind. There are a few steps involved in each Debt Management solution that is most suitable for you. Our aim is to ensure that you only have to be part of the first 3 steps and thereafter we will take over and you can just sit back and relax.

Needless to say, you will receive constant feedback every single step of the way.


Step 1: Get In Touch With Us

Fill in our Free Call Me Back Form, Call Us or send us an email and our dedicated specialist will be in contact with you.


Step 2: Free Financial Assessment

Our specialist will perform a free financial assessment with you to determine your financial status. You will immediately be informed of the best debt management solution for you and your application documents will be sent to you in your preferred manner.


Step 3: Return Completed Documents Back To Us

Once you have read and understood the documents sent to you, you will sign and return them back to us to kick start the process. At this point, your job is done and you only have to wait for constant feedback from us.


Step 4: We Notify The Banks And Credit Bureaus Of Your Application With National Debt Helpline

Once we have received all documents from you, we will start communicating with all concerned credit providers and all credit bureaus with regard to your application.


Step 5: Restructure Of Debt Commitments

Your credit providers will respond to our notification with updated balances on all of your credit agreements. This will enable us to more accurately determine your financial position and approve your application. Your credit agreements will then be restructured at this point.


Step 6: Referral To Court Or The National Consumer Tribunal

The credit agreements that you entered into with your credit providers are legally binding. This includes the agreed-upon monthly instalment, interest rates, service fees, etc. Since National Debt Helpline would have reached new agreements with your creditors and restructured your monthly installments, interest rates, service fees, etc. our attorney will go to court on your behalf (you never have to appear in court) and secure a court order on your behalf. This court order will supersede your original credit agreements and therefore your debts will be legally restructured.


Step 7: You Make Monthly Payments Until All Of Your Short Term Debt Obligations Are Settled.

Once all short term debts are settled, you will be granted a clearance certificate and your credit report will be adjusted accordingly.

Freedom For You

Our aim to take away and leave you debt and stress-free so that you can focus on other things that truly matter to you.

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