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The following are some of the frequently asked questions. For any further information, please contact National Debt Helpline at or 012 683 8799.

What is the difference between Debt Counselling and Debt Review?

There is no difference. Debt Counselling and Debt Review are different terminologies used to describe exactly the same debt management technique

What is Debt Counselling?
What happens when there is no agreement between the Debt Counsellor and a creditor?
Why is there a need for my Debt Counselling application to be referred to court?
Do I ever have to go to court?
What is Over-Indebtedness?
How can I find out if I am over-indebted or financially stable?
How does National Debt Helpline reduce and consolidate my debt repayments?
Where do my monthly payments go?
How long does Debt Counselling last?
How long will it be until I experience relief?
Do I have to physically come to National Debt Helpline’s offices?
Can I still be credit active while under debt counselling?
Can I be credit active once I have completed the debt counselling process?
May I enter into contracts while under debt counselling?
What happens after I have settled all short term debt and I am only left with a home loan?
Does National Debt Helpline offer consolidation loans?

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