Reckless Lending

Reckless Lending was introduced by the Government as an avoidance measure to protect consumers against being granted credit recklessly. National Debt Helpline helps consumers by performing a professional reckless lending investigation on all of your credit agreements. The reckless lending investigation is done in line with the provisions of the National Credit ACT, the guidelines issued by the National Credit Regulator as well as other industry regulatory bodies.

When a credit agreement is found to be reckless, an out of court settlement may be reached with the creditor where the creditor would acknowledge fault and write off the said credit agreement. In this event, the consumer will not be required to repay the credit that was granted recklessly. Where a credit is of the opinion that the said credit was not granted recklessly, the matter will be referred to a court in order for the courts to make a ruling on the matter. The courts may set aside the consumer’s rights and obligations under the credit agreement, suspend the force and effect of the credit agreement or even restructure the consumer’s obligations under the credit agreement.


National Debt Helpline is specially equipped to fully investigate reckless lending on credit agreements and provide a full, professional outcome of the investigation. Where reckless lending is found to be present in any credit agreement, National Debt Helpline is specially equipped to communicate with the concerned creditor to resolve the matter out of court and where required refer the matter to court for a ruling by the court. If you believe that any of your credit agreements may have been reckless, fill in our Free Call Me Back Form and we will be in touch with you shortly and provide you with more information on how we can assist you with a professional reckless lending investigation.

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