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Debt Tips And Guidance

Any debt solution that suits you best will require constant monitoring, adjusting as your personal finances change as well as regular “tips and guidance” on the latest develpoments in the credit industry. National Debt Helpline, in association with Money Guide, South Africa’s first personal finance magazine, is committed to providing all of our clleints as well as the general public constant tips, strategies and new developments in the personal finance industry.

he primary purpose of “tips and guidance” is to enable South African consumers not only to become debt free but to become financially independent. This section covers a wide variety of personal finance matters, including savings accounts, fixed deposit accounts, simple investment strategies such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and government bonds, more complex investment strategies such as the JSE portfolio indexes, endowments, unit trusts, property investments, taxes and even day to day matters such as effects of increased petrol or electricity prices.

In this ever changing financial world, we strongly believe that consumers should be made aware of any changes that might affect their finances. Tips and Guidance is a very simple way of ensuring that you receive constant updates directly to your email account. This will enable you to be at the forefront of managing your personal finances and give yourself the relevant knowledge to achieving your personal financial goals, despite unanticipated changes in the personal finance industry.

In order to receive FREE and regular tips and guidance, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and all updates will be automatically forwarded to our email address.

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